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Shahe “Shawn” Koulloukian started Mazvo Auto Care Center to provide a personal service experience that no other Auto repair facility was providing. He brings over 20 years of automotive experience with a mission to build a strong relationship with customers by providing one on one attention and communication.

His passion to educate is his driving force to empower his customers with the knowledge they need to understand the fundamentals of automotive repair. With this knowledge, customers will have the ability to make the best decision in caring for their current car care needs.

Shawn has earned many service Excellence certifications through out his career from many dealerships. His ability to care about people is shadowed by his travels around the world. Born into a family of Armenian nationality, he grew up in all different parts of the world. From the Middle East to Europe, Canada and Africa. He is married with two children.  He is bilingual in 6 languages and believes that Laughter is the best language to speak!

Shawn and Mazvo Auto Care Team are fully equipped to give you the best possible experience in automotive repair.